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Telecommunications Solutions

Telecommunications Solutions

Telecommunications Solutions

FTTS/X Installations:

Our capacity is for full turnkey FTTX projects that are tailor made according to client specifications.
In general, we offer the following services:
• Site Kick off management
• Full civils (opening, bedding/padding, laying ducts, etc.), and closing with full reinstatements.
• Conducting various civils tests, such as Mandrill tests, DCPs, DITs, etc.
• Fibre floating and termination
• Cut in services
• Documentation: First cut, As-built, C-mods, etc.
• Project Wayleave sign offs
• Plus any other scope of work as required by clients, from time to time, project to project.

FTTH Installations:

We also have capacity to install fibre cables for GPON/FTTH projects, based on Open Access planning, or
specialized or client specific networking methodologies. Under this service, our capability is summarized as
• Full civils, from trenching to reinstatements.
• Duct laying
• Fibre floating and termination on junction boxes, Manholes, etc.
• Plus general splicing depending on client specifications.

Business Connections (EBUs):

We offer general civil and fibre services for all Business connections, generally done as per specific client and network requirements.

Specialized Civil Engineering Services That We Offer To Other Contractors:

We also offer the following specialized services to fellow contractors depending on their needs:
• Horizontal drilling services, using Vermeer D9 and D24 machines depending on soil conditions.
• General fibre Duct integrity testing and Floating for 3rd parties
• We also offer fibre termination services, including fusion splicing.
• We have fault finding capabilities, using various tools at our disposal.

New Site Builds/NSB Civils and RF Installations:

We have recently set up 2 teams to specialize in NSBs, and RF installations, with specific focus on new sites, or third party sites.

Wayleaves Management and General Project Management Services:

We have also ventured into Wayleave applications, in certain areas, or zones, where our business connections have enabled us to access growth opportunities. We are very strong in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and Free State provinces, on Wayleave applications and management. We have also identified project management in fibre optics as a specialized area, and have developed key competencies in this regard, in preparation for potential project management contracts only.